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God's Workers
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God’s Workers began when Darlene Wentland-Wiktor wrote the song Renewed. From then on she felt renewed and wanted to play her music for the glory of God. At that time Darlene and drummer, Kevin Wik were playing in the Chicago area band, The Silent Workers. Darlene realized that she didn’t want to be silent anymore about her faith and the two of them began playing out as God’s Workers.

Darlene then created Celebrate Jesus Coffeehouse at her church, where she handled all of the bookings, publicity, was the M. C. and opening act, along with Kevin Wik on the drums. The coffeehouse continued for 8 years.
It was in May 2011 when guitarist, Jeff Schneider and bass player Kevin Chester joined the band. Kyle Wiktor occasionally joined in on the saxophone adding another layer to the sound of God's Workers.
The five continued to play at various clubs and events until late October of that same year, when Jeff's job caused him to move to Florida.  He promised to return for recording and other larger events.  Meantime bassist Kevin Chester felt that the commute and time committment was too much for him.

God's Workers is now back to the original members of Darlene Wentland-Wiktor, Kevin Wik and Kyle Wiktor.  However, the search is on for a new bass player and the band is in the process of building a home recording studio.  Their future recording is highly anticipated.

Darlene's music has been described as well crafted and articulate, yet very honest and down to earth.  She uses passionate and playful vocals along with creating a solid guitar sound.  Kevin's drumming is powerful and adds a dramatic and artistic flair.  Kyle's sax playing brings a sensitive and soulful feel to the music.  God's Workers music is diverse and interesting to the ear, with lyrics that touch the heart and soul.